Recreational Clinics


Our recreational adult clinics cover all the bases. Improve your technique, get a workout, have fun, and meet new playing partners!

*Clinics are released every two weeks

IMPORTANT: McCarren Tennis Center will use CourtReserve for all bookings starting September 23, 2023. Please contact the front desk after creating your CourtReserve account to transfer any remaining credits from MindBody


If you are new to the game and want to start developing sound tennis fundamentals, this clinic is for you! Instruction will focus on basic forehand, backhand, volley, and serve technique so players have a solid foundation that allows them to improve quickly.

Advanced Beginner

Players will continue learning fundamentals through drills that reinforce proper stroke technique and footwork. Games will be used to teach players how to keep the ball in play and move around the court. This clinic is designed to maximize the number of balls hit so players get comfortable on the court through repetition.


Players will learn how to incorporate more spin, depth, and power into their shots across all strokes. Players will also learn how to hit situational shots like slices, overheads, dropshots, and lobs. Drills are designed to teach consistency, and there will be a heavy emphasis on serve technique to prepare players for match play.


This clinic is for players that can hit groundstrokes with a good balance of consistency, depth, spin, and power. Players must have great footwork, strong shot anticipation, and a reliable second serve. Drills and scenario point play will geared towards further improving consistency, developing proper shot selection in pressure situations, and learning how to hit more effective drop shots, lobs, and overheads from different parts of the court. Singles and doubles match play will be used to teach strategy.

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